Terms & Conditions

1. Registration

By signing up to our website and purchasing products from Gujarati Rasoi Ltd, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of sale, which apply to all transactions on Gujarati Rasoi Ltd.

Signing up to the service means we must have the following information:

Your address, including the postcode of the billing address associated with the payment card.

Your home telephone number

Your email address, so we can supply you with important information such as your order confirmation and changes to the Gujarati Rasoi Online Ltd Home Delivery Service

Gujarati Rasoi Online Ltd sells goods via our website to the end user and they should not, in any way, be resold without our prior written consent. There shall be two stages of order confirmation. The first shall be the ‘on screen confirmation’ immediately after the payment has been received, and the second shall be an email to confirm your full order details. We do not hold your payment details from any previous orders. Therefore, every purchase at Gujarati Rasoi Online Ltd shall require new payment details entered. It is your responsibility to keep your password secure.

2. Product Prices

The price of goods charged shall be as quoted on the web site at the time you confirm your order with us. Excluding any inadvertent technical error on pricing, we will honour any prices as published at the time of placing your order. Your credit card shall only be charged for items dispatched to you. Due to differing product promotions the prices displayed on the website may vary to prices in our retail stores and independent outlets selling our meals.

Our minimum order for free delivery is stated within the checkout page for the postcodes stated on our website. If shortages of a product mean that the total price of the dispatched goods fall below any delivery threshold, Gujarati Rasoi Ltd shall honour the original delivery charge. Prices of goods does not include the delivery charge.

All of our food products are zero-rated for VAT.
Our VAT Registration Number is GB 363009322.

3. Delivery

Gujarati Rasoi Online Ltd uses its own carrier and third party couriers to deliver all items purchased from Gujarati Rasoi Ltd.

If no special instructions are added during the delivery details screen of the order process, as the customer you are agreeing to sign for the delivery. No order shall be returned to the depot; they shall be left at the delivery address and chargeable to you, the customer. Special requirements shall be followed, but please make sure that they are deemed ‘reasonable’ e.g. instructions to knock at a neighbour’s house should mean it is within short walking distance of your property, and does not involve the courier travelling any further.

We shall attempt to contact you prior to the driver leaving a failed delivery, because we want to make sure that the service works for you, but we can’t guarantee we shall be able to get hold of you.

If a parcel is refused at the point of delivery, the consignment will return back to the courier to be destroyed. In this instance Gujarati Rasoi Online Ltd is not responsible for a replacement. At the point of refusal a GPS tag and a name will be taken to record the parcel was at the delivery point.

We reserve the right to restrict deliveries in certain areas and this includes the right to withdraw the service altogether, depending on the demand on our kitchen.

If there is poor weather in your area please contact us 24 in advance of your delivery date in order for an alternate delivery address or date to be arranged. Gujarati Rasoi Online reserve the right to not to compensate If a parcel is not delivered due to adverse weather conditions.

4. Cancelling an order

(United Kingdom Distance Selling Regulations)

As an online retailer we are governed by the UK Distance Selling Regulations. However, as we are selling perishable goods, the regulations relating to the return of unwanted goods do not directly apply to us. For more information, please go to www.dti.gov.uk
Orders can be cancelled before 11am on the day before you are expecting delivery by phone only. Please call ‭020 7394 1187‬

5. What if I’m not happy with my goods?

If you are unsatisfied with any of the items in your order or any part of the delivery service from Gujarati Rasoi Ltd please contact useat@gujaratirasoi.com. 

As we sell perishable goods, we ask that you - the customer - inspect the food once you have opened the box. If you are unhappy with the goods, please contact us immediately -  eat@gujaratirasoi.com.

We shall be happy to exchange or refund any item you feel does not meet our quality standards, or any item that has been damaged in transit. If we have sent you an incorrect item and was not a substitution, or an item was missing please notify us as soon as possible.  

6. Why have I received something I did not order?

We endeavour to make sure that the items you have ordered will be in your delivery. However sometimes raw ingredients are not available. 
We reserve the right to make substitutions that are close to your original ordered item.
For example a Mung bean dhal may be replaced with a Split pea dhal.
The value of any substitution will be the same or greater. 


We operate an open and honest policy at Gujarati Rasoi Ltd and will work our hardest to make sure we can accommodate and act on any problems or suggestions.