Out of lockdown and into Christmas

Going into lockdown2, we were at the the very beginning of our new online business. 
Six weeks later we are still on a roller coaster of changes due to Covid restrictions.
We have had a very busy few weeks, learning a lot very quickly and have applied changes to our packaging and shipping processes.
We as a team have come a long way, however we are still only at the beginning of our journey.
We continue to keep refining, making small changes behind the scenes to make your experience great.

Marina O'Loughlin of The Times, wrote a great article about home deliveries which we are featured in.
It really helped to get the word out to lots of lovely people all over the country.
It also informed many of our customers who used to eat at our restaurant or markets who had moved away from London.
It was great to hear from them and be able to send them food and chat via email.
Thank you Marina!

We still need you to help spread the word, as every box we send out makes a huge difference to us.

We are heading towards Christmas and we are working harder than Santa's elf's!
We have orders pinned to the wall for the Christmas week and the week in between Christmas and New Year.
We also know if you have been naughty or nice!

We have decided to cap off our orders so we can maintain and better our standards. 
If you are dreaming of a Gujarati Christmas 😀 - Please make your order early.

New Gift Cards

We added our new Gift Cards to the website, If you know someone who would like our food as a gift, we can send them a printed Gift Card in the post, with a your message written inside.

We are keeping to our core menu, but look out for some extra treats in the Seasonal section of the website.

New Split Pea (Vatanna) dhal

It is certainly cold and there is nothing like a bowl of dhal to warm and nourish.
I have introduced a new delicious Split Pea dhal, which I am delighted to say is made from British grown Peas.
It has a lovely comforting texture with a delicious garlicky flavour and natural sweetness from onion. 
Which combine beautifully with Cardamon pods that are thrown into the pot when tempering the spices. 

We are back Borough market on Saturdays until Christmas. 
Come and have yourself a very merry Thali and festive Samosa :-D

Sadly due to the amount of people wanting to socialise on Broadway Market it has been closed down for the trial on Fridays and Sundays... Watch this evolving space...

So it's back to Christmas preparations, stay safe, it's not over until well past the big guy comes down the chimney :-)

Warmth to all

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